September 2022


September 2022

State of The Industry

In 2022 sales for the electronic connector industry continues the strong growth from 2021 when sales for the industry were up roughly 24% globally over 2020,  year-to-date billings are up almost 10% so bookings for new business remain very robust, while shortages of some components, particularly in the semiconductor area, continue to put a crimp in availability of not only automobiles, but also a wide range of consumer devices, computers, appliances, and many other electronic products. Even with the shortages, which includes a wide range of raw materials and, in some regions of the world, labor, connector manufacturers are still for the most part meeting their delivery dates. This growth continues to be driven by the continued integration of electronics of all kinds into Automobiles, for everything from Bluetooth connectivity to requirements for various safety features, like lane departure systems, automatic braking systems, systems to enable self-driving vehicles and increasingly robust passenger entertainment systems.  As well as the growth of a new age of high-tech farming equipment and systems, from using drones for pest control, and applying fertilizers  and embedded sensors that monitor soil conditions, robotic milking systems and automated harvesting systems as well as the continued proliferation of self-driving farm equipment, and like in the Automotive industry the continued electrification of all systems on every type of farm equipment from Tractors to harvesters even the hydraulic systems are going electric,  all of these systems  depending on rugged connectors. With increased automation comes increased data transfer and electrical power demands. The next generation of rugged connectors for agricultural equipment will need high speed connections that can seamlessly transfer thousands of points of telemetry data and control signals from remote devices across lighting and power systems, steering, and motion devices, as well as monitoring and control systems. Similarly, connector content in the medical, mil-aero, industrial sectors is also growing rapidly and no matter what happens to the world economy, the continued growth of electronic connector industry seems assured, this growth is reflected in the large number of job openings from Sales and Marketing to Engineering.

Video Interviews do’s and don’ts

Video interviews are becoming the norm, so what things should you do and what shouldn’t you do. Make sure there are no background distractions, like babies crying, dogs barking, radios, or TV’s playing. Turn on whatever device you are going to be using and turn on the camera, see how you look, are you too close to the camera or too far way the best distance seems to be so your head and torso are centered taking up most of the screen from top to bottom, that way you will know if you are not too close or too far away. See how the light is affecting your image, maybe turn off a direct light that is shining on you and making your image too bright. Put on a tie, for men and a nice business top for women, after all remember this is an interview and you want to create a good first impression and present a business image. Look into the camera, try not to get distracted looking off to one side or the other. If you have any files you are going to want to share have them ready and know how to share them, so you are not fumbling around trying to figure it out while your interviewer or interviewers are waiting.


DUBLIN, Ireland … Power management company Eaton (NYSE:ETN) today announced it has completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in the circuit breaker business of Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd. (Huineng), which manufactures and markets low-voltage circuit breakers in China.

Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech electrical equipment manufacturer. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Zhenjiang, China, its products are widely used and recognized across key markets including wind and solar and power plants.

Fremont, Calif., Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BizLink, a global leader in interconnect solutions, today announces that the sale of the LEONI Industrial Solutions business group to BizLink Holding Inc. has been completed. Considering BizLink’s diversified quality solution portfolio, brand image, long standing relationships, and goodwill, the merger is one giant leap for BizLink Group. BizLink will build a new enterprise to keep providing cutting-edge interconnect solutions for customers, driving growth and innovation, and creating new opportunities for its employees, shareholders, and the communities.

Samtec Inc., New Albany IN,  a global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, has completed the acquisition of Ultra Communications Inc., a manufacturer of high-speed digital and RF fiber optic components, based in Vista, CA. Ultra Communications’ core competencies include circuit design, optoelectronic package design, and manufacturing of fiber optic components. Founded in 2005, the company holds substantial IP and technology, with active programs in the mil-avionic, space/satellite, ground vehicles, radar, and shipboard connectivity arenas.

industrial and mil-aero markets with its optical FireFly product line. Ultra Communications’ products, which feature a Surface-Mount-Technology (SMT) reflowable attach process, complement the FireFly family. The acquisition provides aerospace and mil-aero customers with another option to achieve small size, low weight and power (SWaP) in extreme environments.                                “We are thrilled to be joining the Samtec Team. There are many synergies and new opportunities for us. Together we can bring new products to market faster and provide more value to our customers,” said Charlie Kuznia, President of Ultra Communications.

Samtec plans on maintain operations and staff in Vista CA.

Amphenol Industrial Operations has partnered with Eaxtron USA to sell its Effortless & Arcless UL 1977 DIN connectors, crimpers, and cable assemblies that will still be available under the Eaxtron name. These connectors are designed to offer lower cost of ownership and meet the needs of companies in the material handling (forklifts), GSE (ground support equipment – aviation support), MRO (maintenance, repair, operations), specialty vehicles (golf carts, EATV) and warehouse operations and purchasing industries. Innovation at Eaxtron USA will always be user oriented. It is this focus on the human factor of technology that has inspired the company to focus on usability, safety, and comfort rather than the bottom line. As the industry adapts to innovations in lithium-ion and fast charge technology, Eaxtron USA aims to shepherd this evolution such that connections become not only faster, but safer and more efficient too.

PAINESVILLE, Ohio,  – Arcline Investment Management (“Arcline”) Announced the acquisition of Custom Interconnects LLC (“Custom Interconnects”) and the formation of Qnnect LLC (“Qnnect”), a specialty interconnects platform aimed at solving critical connectivity challenges in high-performance applications. Qnnect brings Custom Interconnects together with Meritec and Joy Signal Technology.

Custom Interconnects designs and manufacturers Fuzz Buttons®, a high-performance, proprietary contact pin technology enabling critical applications within the aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries.

 About Qnnect
Qnnect is a global producer of highly engineered electronic interconnect solutions for high-density and high-speed applications of leading original equipment manufacturers. Qnnect’s connector and interconnect businesses have over 100 years of combined experience as trusted partners in the Defense & Aerospace, Hi-Rel, Semiconductor, Test & Measurement, and Consumer Electronics markets. For more information, visit

About Arcline Investment Management
Arcline is a growth-oriented private equity firm with $4.4 billion in cumulative capital commitments. Arcline seeks to invest in technology-driven, meaningful to the world industrial businesses that enable a better future. For more information visit

When opportunity Knocks

You will never know what opportunity presents itself if you don’t open the door or more accurately answer your phone that unknown number you chose to ignore could be you next career opportunity, but you will never know unless you answer the call, if it’s a telemarketer or some other recorded sales message just hang it up.

On the Move

Drop me a line, call, or email me if you have had a change of address, phone number, email address, or employment since we last spoke, so that we can stay in touch. If you are near retirement, retired, no longer in the electronic connector industry, or just do not wish to receive this newsletter, please let me know and I will remove your name from the mailing list.

Keeping Our Database Current

To keep up with our growing database, and in order to be able to contact you with potential career opportunities, we must have an electronic copy of your resume on file. Therefore, if you have not already emailed me a copy of your most recent resume, please do so in Word format. Your resume will be kept in our files and never be sent anywhere unless we first speak with you about the potential opportunity.


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