Phone Interviews Do’s and Don’ts


Phone Interviews Do’s and Don’ts
Phone interviews as a first step in the hiring process have become the norm. It used to be that they were used mostly when a candidate was out of the area and had either a plane ride or long drive to do an in-person interview. Now, they are used as the initial screening process for all candidates. So here are some common sense rules to follow:
Preparation. Since this is the beginning of the interview process, do all the things that you would normally do before going on an interview. Investigate the company’s website. If you know whom you will be speaking with, look them up on LinkedIn to see what their professional background is, and check their personal side on Facebook. You might find things that you have a shared interest in.
Telephone. Try and use a landline when possible. Especially if you are in a place where bad reception is a problem.
Distractions. Remove distraction’s; dogs barking, babies crying, children looking for attention; turn off the radio or television so you can concentrate on the conversation.
Break the Ice. With some small talk such as, “how is the weather there”, is a good way to break the ice. It’s something everyone can relate to, or, if you find out some things that you share a common interest in, comment on that.
Questions. When answering questions, be direct and answer the question. Don’t go off on a tangent unless its related to the question asked.
Negativity. Don’t bash your current or last employer when asked why you are leaving or left your last job. Always try and mention the positive things you gained or learned from your current or former employer. Offer a short, to the point reason, why you are leaving, or have left your former employer.
Thank You Note. At the end of the interview, ask for the email address of the people you have interviewed with so you can send a follow-up note expressing interest in the position and thanking them for their time.