January 2022 newsletter


State of The Industry

2021 was a pretty good year for the Connector and Cable assembly industry, considering  COVID put a huge crimp in the economy in general and right now the industry is dealing with  raw materials shortages, and longer than normal delivery times, but the electronics industry in general is exploding right now, which is very good for the interconnection industry, there are so many new applications in most every sector of the electronics industry  right now, 2022 should be an excellent growth year for the industry. Take the Automotive industry for instance, yes in the last 20 years there has been a lot of electronics being put into cars and trucks but there are so many new applications everything from  new electronic gadgets for passengers from the latest wi-fi technology, to sophisticated stereo and video systems and convenience systems for drivers such as remote starting, remote un locking of doors, hands free parrel parking and safety systems like lane departure warning, automatic braking, 360 cameras, Lidar and radar systems for autonomous cars as well as maintenance  systems for monitoring of everything from low tire pressure, wear of brake pads, oil pressure, water temperature, oil changes etc. and then hooking it all up to the internet. Just think about the number of connectors and cables needed to enable all of those applications, and that’s just the Automotive industry, add in telecom and data com with new 5G networks that allow live streaming where ever you get a cell signal and hooking up everything from dishwashers, lights, HVAC systems, security systems in our homes (IoT) to all the machines on a factory floors, or networks of smart vending machine which tell their owners when they need to be resupplied (IIot), as well as  Cloud storage requiring vast data centers, and the Transportation industry  hooking up all their delivery trucks and over the road big rigs to their company networks to monitor where their trucks are at any given time, their fuel economy, maintenance issues and what we have is a kind of perfect storm of  new applications across the entire electronics industry at the  same time creating a major increase in demand for every type of connector and cable assembly you can think of, indeed 2022 is going to be a very good year for the industry overall.

These trends all foretell a bright future for the electronic connector industry, without which none of these technologies would be possible. I expect 2021 to be a very good year for the electronic connector and cable assembly industries.

How to format a resume

So first, how long should a resume be? On this you will hear a lot of opinions, one page, two pages “no one wants to read a long resume” the answer is a resume should be as long as it takes to properly outline your background and experience without being repetitive. If you have been doing the same thing for 20 years it will probably fit on one or two pages, if you have had a number of different jobs’ even if they were with the same company, you may need more room especially if you are in a technical role.  Hiring managers really don’t care how long a resume is the most important thing to them is “is this persons experience relevant to the position I’m trying to fill” because if it is not then it does not matter whether it’s one page or ten pages long they don’t want to see it.

How to show your work experience when you have been with the same company for a long time and have had a number of different positions or when you have been with the same company for a long time but it has been bought or sold and the name has changed. Start with the name of the company, if it had been acquired and the name changed add (formerly blank co.) and then the total years you were with them. Then underneath start with the last position you held the dates you held that position and description of what your responsibilities were and maybe something your accomplished in that role then the prior position,  laid out the same way and continue until  you have listed all your prior positions with that company, this way when someone looks at your resume that 20years you spent with ABC corp. looks like one long stay with one company, instead of positions with many different companies.

Also remember when you apply on line to a position the resume gets scanned by a computer, and it populates an application so try to resist the temptation to make your resume multiple Boxes or columns, as it will mess up what information the computer picks up and where it put’s it on the application.


TE Connectivity (TE), Schaffhausen, Switzerland, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, and ERNI Group AG (ERNI), Adelberg, Germany a leading firm in electronic connectivity for factory automation and automotive, are pleased to announce that TE signed a definitive agreement to acquire ERNI.

The acquisition of ERNI complements TE’s broad connectivity product portfolio, particularly in high-speed and fine-pitch connectors for factory automation, automotive, medical and other industrial applications. ERNI augments TE’s engineering and manufacturing footprint and capabilities in board connectivity and expands TE’s customer base and presence in several attractive market segments.

TPC Wire & Cable, Macedonia, OH has completed its acquisition of Hydro Group, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom subsea connectivity solutions widely deployed in the oil and gas, marine, renewable energy, and defense industries. This latest acquisition further expands TPC’s reach into the high-reliability end-markets targeted by its newly developed Engineered Products Division — which include the military, aerospace, and medical markets.

Amphenol Corporation, Wallingford, CT.  announced that it has acquired Halo Technology Limited

Halo is headquartered in Tustin, California with operations in North America and Europe, and is a leading provider of active and passive fiber optic interconnect components for the communications infrastructure markets. “Halo’s product offerings are very complementary to TE’s existing high-speed and fiber optic interconnect solutions and represent a significant long-term growth opportunity for Amphenol. Halo’s high-technology products strengthen their offering to IT and data communications, mobile networks and broadband customers, all of whom are upgrading their systems and networks to manage increased data traffic.


Separately, Amphenol also announced the closing of the sale of their MTS Test & Simulation business unit to Illinois Tool Works Inc., Glenview IL. MTS’s Test & Simulation business is highly complementary to ITW’s existing Test & Measurement and Electronics business and positions them in new industry verticals.

When opportunity Knocks

You will never know what opportunity presents itself if you don’t open the door or more accurately answer your phone that unknown number you chose to ignore could be you next career opportunity, but you will never know unless you answer the call, if it’s a telemarketer or some other recorded sales message just hang it up.

On the Move

Drop me a line, call, or email me if you have had a change of address, phone number, email address, or employment since we last spoke, so that we can stay in touch.

If you are near retirement, retired, no longer in the electronic connector industry, or do not wish to receive this newsletter, please let me know and I will remove your name from the mailing list.


Keeping Our Database Current


To keep up with our growing database, and in order to be able to contact you with potential career opportunities, we must have an electronic copy of your resume on file. Therefore, if you have not already emailed me a copy of your most recent resume, please do so in Word format. Your resume will be kept in our files and never be sent anywhere unless we first speak with you about the potential opportunity.


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