July 2017 Newsletter


State of The Industry

Business for the electronic Connector Industry remains strong as we close out the first half of the year and the future seems very bright indeed, with many new applications, some that require new manufacturing methods coming up practically every day from stretchable electronics for a wide range of patient monitoring systems in the medical industry which require more malleable connectors that can bend and stretch, to the newest robotic surgical systems. The medical electronics industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The Automotive Industry also continues to add more and more electronic systems to even the lowest cost vehicles for safety systems, Bluetooth connectivity, engine control and monitoring systems, to the newest, vision and wireless communication systems that allow cars to drive themselves. All of these trends are continuing to drive the connector content of autos higher and higher. Even in the commercial building and manufacturing / automation sectors there are many new applications such as PoE (Power over Ethernet) distributive networks that deliver power and signal over standard low-voltage cabling to everything from lighting, HVAC controls, cameras and other network sensors and devices. PoE is a synergistic asset for enabling IoT (Internet of Things) which will continue to expand what you can control remotely from almost anywhere on the planet. The good news for the connector industry is that all these new technologies / applications are not possible without connectors and although the definition of what a connector looks like and how it is manufactured may change in some cases, it will continue to drive growth in the industry.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Other News

Molex, Lisle IL, a globally recognized provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries including data communication, consumer electronics, industrial automotive, commercial vehicle and medical along with Phoenix Contact, Middletown PA, a global German-based market leader with future-oriented components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation and Murrelektronik, Suwanee, GA, a global company in connectors and power supplies and Binder, Camarillo CA a subsidiary of Binder GmbH & Co, one of the leading manufacturers of circular connectors for industrial applications and market leaders in the field of M12 connection technology, have announced a cooperation agreement to drive the standardization of M12 push-pull connectors. Traditional screw connections are a thing of the past for the users of the push-pull interlock.This connector, which can be used without tools, offers significant advantages during mounting work, especially in confined spaces. Customers can choose between several independent manufacturers. The interlock mechanism is based on the technology in accordance with Molex’s specifications. This ensures physical compatibility of the M12 push-pull connectors. The push-pull technology ensures a reliable interlock between field and device connectors that is independent of the user. Especially in confined spaces, the fast locking system offers an installation comfort significantly higher than with traditional locking mechanisms. The positive locking mechanical design as well as the radial O-ring seal provide robust protection against water ingress and inhibit signals from being interrupted by shock and vibration.

Marmon Aerospace and Defense Manchester, NH, a custom cable and wire provider for the aerospace, military, space and shipboard markets announced the acquisition of KITCO Fiber Optics, Virginia Beach, VA, a leading provider of fiber optic connectorization products and consulting services to the military and commercial communication industry. Terms were not disclosed. KITCO will continue to operate as an independent business, its products complement those of Marmon Aerospace and Defense. Together, the two businesses will offer defense industry customers unique, focused product and service capabilities for electrical, electronic, fiber optic and communication solutions. Their collective resources will enable continued growth and innovation for both Marmon and KITCO in service to the U.S. defense industry.

Allied Wire and Cable, Collegeville, PA an ISO 9001:2008 certified stocking distributor and specialty manufacturer of electronical wire, electrical cable, heat shrinktubing and wire management products in the USA is now a distribution partner of Prysmian Group / Draka’s, Lexington, SC industrial and harsh environment fiber optic cables. Prysmian Group is a world leader of the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. As a distributor of Prysmian’s low and medium voltage Cable products, this announcement expands the product set and adds to their $50 million inventory.This expansion will allow Allied to now serve a customer base within the fiber optic and harsh environment industry. In addition to the new customer base, Allied will be able to offer the lowest prices on this line due to being an exclusive distributor. With the long list of equals, this will allow Allied customers to save money on name brands, such as Belden and Corning.

CONEC, Garner NC, the connector manufacture, for the automation, telecommunications, energy, machining, agriculture, medical, transportation and the aviation industries, appointed MIGVAN Group of Kfar-Saba Israel, as its official distributor in the Israeli market. MIGVAN Group is devoted to promoting and selling advanced technology electronic components and subsystems to the Israeli electronics industry. MIGVAN effectively and successfully represents and distributes product lines of top brand name manufacturers located worldwide. The companies signed a distribution agreement and will launch their mutual activity immediately. The agreement signed, allows the companies within the MIGVAN Group with immediate effect to start the sale activity for CONEC’s full product range and to provide technical support for R & D and Engineering teams that are developing new products and are in need for innovative or customized connector solutions. The MIGVAN Group is a well- established distributor for Connectors and Electro- Mechanical solutions carrying for many years a wide and diverse portfolio of global leading brands. CONEC’s addition to the Group’s Portfolio will strengthen its capabilities in offering solutions in the Automation market, harsh environments and in applications that require high power and RF.

Following Up After an Interview

E-mails are always an option and though calling gets you in touch with the hiring manager, it’s natural to wonder if you are bugging the interviewer and whether a phone call or e-mail will help your chances. It shows your interest and initiative for being hired. A survey found that human resource managers list a phone call as one of their preferred means of communication from candidates while e-mails are the more common way for following up. Making a personal connection with the person who may be making the decision to hire you will have some influence on that decision. Making a phone call is quick and easy to follow up. When following up via phone call, see if you can catch your contact at an available moment by the phone. Early or late in the day seems to work best because of busy schedules.If you don’t reach your interviewer on the second try, send them an e-mail. Be sure to include your name, the job title you interviewed for, when you interviewed and a thank you for their time. Sending an e- mail after an interview allows you to express your appreciation for the opportunity to interview for the position, along with it being a reminder that you are professional and a great candidate for the position. An e- mail is a less-intrusive way of putting the interviewer on the spot. Be sure to keep your e-mail short. Ask if there’s been an update or any movement on the position you applied for as well as asking the interviewer if they need any additional information on your experience and background so your message has a helpful purpose as well. Either by a phone call or an e-mail you can’t go wrong in following up.

On the Move

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Keeping Our Data Base Current

To keep up with our growing database, and in order to be able to contact you with potential career opportunities, we must have an electronic copy of your resume on file. Therefore, if you have not already emailed me a copy of your most recent resume, please do so in Word format.Your resume will be kept in our files and never be sent anywhere unless we first speak with you about the potential opportunity and get your approval to forward it.

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