APRIL 2021 Newsletter


State of The Industry
2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Companies had to learn to adapt to forced closures; employees working from home offices; delayed deliveries of raw materials and finished components. But as it turned out business for the electronic connector industry remained stable compared to 2019.

One thing that the industry in general learned in 2020 was that it’s not a good idea to have so much of its manufacturing and intellectual property concentrated in China, a country that is complicated both economically and politically. Most companies underestimated the risks associated with Chinese government oversight, government-owned or controlled companies, and sharing intellectual property with Chinese partners. As a result, 2020 saw a move to bring some manufacturing out of China to other locations both back in the US and Europe as well as other locations in South East Asia.

Automation is a key technology that will help to keep costs down as more and more manufacturing finds its way out of China. Automation is one of several intertwined technologies that is reshaping nearly every industry, including manufacturing, energy, agriculture, logistics, building management, infrastructure, and service none of which would be possible without the Internet of Things which will connect appliances, HVAC systems, lights and security system for homes and business, as well as autonomous vehicles. “Industry 4.0” which refers to the combination of several major innovations in digital technology that are poised to transform the energy and manufacturing sectors. From advanced robotics and machine learning to software-as-a-service and the Industrial Internet of Things, these changes enable a powerful new way of organizing global operations- all of which is dependent on the implementation of 5G networks to enable the real-time communications needed for these technologies. The electronic connector industry will be there providing the interconnection technology needed to make everything work.

In the year ahead, we will see AI, IoT and IIoT technologies, cloud computing, 5G communications, blockchain, and robotics impact nearly every market. These transformative technologies are becoming more pervasive and more proficient. They will literally impact all facets of our lives, from consumer-oriented platforms such as streaming of videos form your smart phone, tablet or other online device, virtual doctor visits, connecting at home interactive workout equipment, buying your morning coffee with your smart phone, and supporting workplaces with many employees now working from home offices. Several large companies such as Facebook, Coinbase, Otis Elevator, Twitter, Shopify have already told their work forces that that they will work from home permanently or given them to opportunity to work from home or split their time between working from home and coming into the office.

These trends all foretell a bright future for the electronic connector industry, without which none of these technologies would be possible. I expect 2021 to be a very good year for the electronic connector and cable assembly industries.

Mergers & Acquisitions & Other News
Interplex, a leading provider of customized interconnect, high-precision, and mechanical products solutions for the medical, automotive, data center, and industrial markets, recently announced the successful acquisition of OCP Group, Inc., a well-experienced custom connector and cable assembly design and manufacturer based in San Diego, California. The acquisition further expands Interplex’s fast-growing medical and life sciences product portfolio, as well as further supports its efforts to effectively address megatrends including the decarbonization of transportation, future mobility, increased longevity, and digitalization.
Amphenol Corporation, Wallingford, CT, a leader in the antenna, optics, and interconnect space for wireless, cable, satellite, telco video, and data networks. Announced that it has acquired Charles Industries, Schaumburg IL a North American manufacturer of integrated environmental housings and enclosures for wireless, telecom, and broadband service providers effective April 23rd 2021
Amphenol Corporation, Wallingford CT, a leading global provider of high-technology interconnect, antenna and sensor solutions, and MTS Systems Corporation, Eden Prairie, a leading global supplier of advanced test systems, motion simulators and precision sensors, have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Amphenol will acquire MTS for $58.50 per share in cash, or approximately $1.7 billion, including the assumption of outstanding debt and liabilities, net of cash.
Amphenol Corporation Wallingford CT. has completed the acquisition of Positronic, Springfield MO. The acquisition allows the two complementary connectivity companies to combine their industry-leading knowledge and experience and provide their customers with an even broader range of interconnect products and technical design support. Prior to the acquisition, Positronic was a privately held company. Since its founding in 1966, Positronic has expanded globally, developing a broad range of power, D-Sub, rectangular, and circular connector products optimized for demanding markets including the military and aerospace industries and establishing locations in the United States, France, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and China.

Video Interviewing
In these crazy times video interviewing using zoom, MS meetings or go-to-meeting are commonplace. So, the question becomes how do you prepare for a video interview and how do you interact with your interviewer or interviewers. The answer is to do the same things you would for an in-person interview. First do your due diligence, research the company’s history, their products and reputation in the market, and anything you can find out about the person and or people that you will be interviewing with. Second dress appropriately for a man that means a business suite or at the least a dress shirt and tie for a woman a pants suit or conservative top. I know the trend seems to be much more relaxed business dress code, which is fine once you have gotten the position. But remember that the point of an interview is to put your best foot forward, remember you only get one chance to make a first impression and dressing appropriately for business during an interview shows you are serious about your career and your professional image. Prepare your environment- shut off radios, TVs; put your pets in the other room; and let you family know not to disturb you.
Once the interview begins look directly at the camera/interviewer don’t look around the room or out the window, If you have some supporting material you want to present have it ready to go so you can send it over to the interviewer or screen share it without a lot of fumbling around. You should also have a copy of your resume ready to send if asked. At the end of the interview ask for the e-mail address of the interviewer or interviewers so you can send a follow up e-mail by the next day, thanking them for their time and expressing interest in the position and why you feel you would be a good fit.
When opportunity Knocks
You will never know what opportunity presents itself if you don’t open the door or more accurately answer your phone that unknown number you chose to ignore could be you next career opportunity, but you will never know unless you answer the call, if it’s a telemarketer or some other recorded sales message just hang it up.

On the Move

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Keeping Our Database Current

To keep up with our growing database, and in order to be able to contact you with potential career opportunities, we must have an electronic copy of your resume on file. Therefore, if you have not already emailed me a copy of your most recent resume, please do so in Word format. Your resume will be kept in our files and never be sent anywhere unless we first speak with you about the potential opportunity.

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